conference-imageCaribbean In/Securities: Creativity and Negotiation in the Caribbean (CARISCC) is an international research network funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

CARISCC focuses on exploring the interactions between the precariousness of insecure livelihoods and neighbourhoods, and the negotiation of risk in cultural production and creativity. Thus, CARISCC brings a fresh focus to research on global security and the Caribbean.

The purpose of the CARISCC blog is to facilitate constructive discussions on matters related to Caribbean in/securities and creativity.

As a dynamic extension of CARISCC’s website and other social media presence, the blog aims to curate relevant content aimed at researchers and creative professionals interested in everyday negotiations between security and insecurity (in/security), and in how Caribbean people deploy their creative energy to live with the everyday effects of poverty, inequality and violence, whilst generating globally influential creativity in political, literary, visual and dance cultures.

The blog contains a number of posts, news, events, videos, opportunities and relevant reading lists. Feel free to share constructive insights, thoughts and creative content related to the topic of Caribbean in/securities and creativity.

We hope you enjoy the posts and discussions.

*Banner image fragment: Wedgee (2017), by Candice Sobers.