The CARISCC Network’s 4th Postgraduate Research Conference on Caribbean In/securities and Creativity will take place on Wednesday 13 June 2018, 9am-5pm, at the University of Amsterdam, Roeterseiland Campus, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Please see below links to the abstracts for six research papers that will be presented during the conference’s thematic panel sessions.

Live discussions about these abstracts will also take place via the CARISCC blog on Wednesday 6 June 2018, 1-3pm (GMT). Please join us online for this event!

Feel free to comment on the abstracts by posting constructive reviews, reflections on the featured themes, or questions via the reply boxes at the end of each entry. We will be using #CARISCC on Twitter throughout the online discussion, and participants are also most welcome to continue posting and tweeting additional feedback right through to the date of the conference.

We will reply to all comments posted online during (or prior to) the live discussion, between 1-3pm (GMT) on Wednesday 6 June 2018.


(1) “Dancehall as a matrix of resistance to living realities of street dancers in Jamaica” – presented by Cyrielle Tamby, Visiting Scholar – PhD Program at the Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies, University of California Berkeley, USA

(2) “Careful creations: negotiating filming and collaboration in Haiti” – presented by Dr Kasia Mika, Postdoctoral Researcher in Comparative Caribbean Studies at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, Leiden, The Netherlands

(3) “On a Walking Tour of Trench Town: Sensing Violence in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica” – presented by Alana Osbourne, PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(4) “Saving Face: In Search of the Masculine Subject in George Castera’s Le Retour à l’arbre” – presented by Dr Ara Chi Jung, (PhD, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA), Independent Scholar, Florence, Italy

(5) “A Critical Exploration of the Women of Marlon James’ A History of Seven Killings and Jennifer Rahim’s Curfew Chronicles” – presented by Zakiya McKenzie, PhD Candidate, University of Exeter, UK

(6) Fanm pa chita: Stories of Mobility and the Intimate among Haitian Domestic Workers in the Dominican Republic – presented by Masaya Llavaneras Blanco, PhD Candidate, Balsillie School of International Affairs, Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada

Additional information about CARISCC’s 4th Postgraduate Research Conference on Caribbean In/securities and Creativity is available via the CONFERENCES page, where you can also download the full conference programme for Wednesday 13 June 2018.