Issue 57 of the journal Small Axe (SX 57: 11.2018) features a special section on “Caribbean In/securities” guest-edited by Patricia Noxolo (CARISCC Principal Investigator, University of Birmingham).

The cover image for Issue 57 of the journal Small Axe features the artwork “Ride or Die” (2017) by Miguel Luciano. Image source:

The titles of the seven essays written by members of the CARISCC research network are:

  • ‘Gendered in/securities: negotiations through the fractal fabric of community in Erna Brodber’s Nothing’s Mat,’ by Patricia Noxolo
  • ‘Maroon In/Securities,’ by Ronald Cummings
  • ‘Politicizing In/Security, Transnational Resistance and the 1919 Riots in Cardiff and Liverpool,’ by David Featherstone
  • ‘Global change, vulnerability and the co-production of resilience among Caribbean farmers,’ by Kevon Rhiney
  • Security Encounters: Negotiating authority and citizenship during the Tivoli Incursion,’ by Rivke Jaffe and Anthony Harriott
  • ‘Mediating Escape: Caribbean Conversations on In/Security, Tourism and Mobility,’ by Susan P. Mains
  • ‘Reading Post-emancipation In/security: Negotiations of Everyday Freedom,’ by Anyaa Anim-Addo.

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Small Axe: A Journal of Caribbean Criticism focuses on publishing critical work that examines the ideas that guided the formation of Caribbean modernities. It mainly includes scholarly articles, opinion essays, and interviews, but  also includes literary works of fiction and poetry, visual arts, and reviews. Through the Small Axe Project its contributors aim “to participate both in the renewal of practices of intellectual and cultural criticism in the Caribbean and in the expansion and revision of the scope and horizons of such criticism – acknowledging a tradition of criticism in and about the regional and diasporic Caribbean.”

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