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The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) has identified five beaches in our Beach Economy Vision that focus on improving the beach experience for visitors and locals. The five beaches are Horseshoe Bay, Shelly Bay, John’s Smith Bay, Tobacco Bay, and Clearwater Beach. As part of this initiative, specifically at Clearwater Beach, the BTA is issuing a request for proposal (RFP). The RFP is inviting submissions from the community to design an iconic structure to be located at Clearwater Beach that is consistent with the area’s lure as an eco-adventure for visitors. The expectation for this structure is that it quickly becomes one of the island’s most sought landmarks in the east end, in addition to iconic historical sites such as St. David’s Lighthouse or the Unfinished Church. The final product will be artistic, interactive and original, and most importantly, it will leverage the Bermuda Triangle, an attribute that sets Bermuda apart as a visitor destination. We are excited to invite the community, in particular artists and architects, to join forces in this effort. The selected proposal will contribute to Bermuda’s beach experience in a way that is consistent with the island’s people, identity, and spirit. The goal is make this iconic Bermuda structure globally recognizable in a fun and interactive way – along with recognition of the Bermuda Triangle that already exists worldwide. New York has the LOVE sculpture, Los Angeles has the Hollywood sign – let’s embrace the Bermuda Triangle!


1. Facilitate creation of accessible public art or compelling activities to:

a. help drive traffic to areas underutilized by visitors

b. enhance the visitor experience at a specific location

2. Leverage a broadly known, unique aspect of Bermuda to help extend market awareness and coverage internationally.


Clearwater Beach has been selected as the location for the Bermuda Triangle structure. The Department of Planning has marked, in pink on the attached map, the area deemed appropriate for the proposed Bermuda Triangle structure. Proposals outside of the Department of Planning’s designated area will not be evaluated.

Submission Requirements

1. Certain criteria will apply for the proposal submissions, i.e. the proposed structure must be:

a. Structurally sound

b. Respectful of the environment

c. A design that enhances the look and feel of the area

d. Presented in a manner that encourages visitors and residents to interact with it

e. Visually appealing and photogenic (photos, video, selfies, etc.)

f. Able to be manufactured and produced in Bermuda, using primarily local suppliers

2. Structures deemed as having a potential negative impact on the location will not be selected; this includes (but is not limited to) proposed structures that:

a. Are located near specifically sensitive environmental/ecological sites on the beach

b. Are located near sites on the beach that have existing erosion or potential for erosion

c. Impede access or egress to the beach

d. Impede set-up of/access to existing or planned concessions at the beach

e. Block any emergency access

f. Do not conform with Department of Planning guidelines in the attached map

3. A panel of judges will select the proposal that most aligns with the given criteria. The construction and placement of the structure will be funded by the BTA. The judging panel will consist of representatives from:

a. Bermuda Tourism Authority

b. Bermuda Architects


d. Local art community

e. Hub 1

f. Department of Public Lands and Buildings

g. Bermuda Land Development Corporation

h. Department of Planning

Process to Submit Proposals

Persons interested in submitting a proposal should first notify of their intent to submit a proposal via email to The subject line should read “Bermuda Triangle Judging Panel”. The email should include the name, address, email address and daytime phone number of the intended submitter(s). The deadline to register intent is April 7, 2017 by 5:00pm.

Two hard copies of final submissions should be delivered to the Bermuda Tourism Authority office at 22 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11 by 5.00pm on May 3, 2017 for the attention of the Bermuda Triangle Judging Panel. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Submissions should include:

1. Cover letter providing name, address and daytime contact details of designer(s)

2. Drawings of proposed triangle design, standalone and on site within the location, to include:

a. two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings on 11” x 17” paper

b. Site plan

3. Specifications of structure size/dimensions and footprint

4. Detailed description of materials to be used to manufacture/build the structure

5. Detailed budget

6. Details of production process, and the suppliers that will be used


1. April 7 – Intent to submit deadline

2. May 3 – Final submission deadline

3. May 22 – Successful design proposal announced