dsc06826Dr Patricia Noxolo, Principal Investigator of the Leverhulme Trust funded project CARISCC, will be chairing a session at the forthcoming American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting.

The AAG Annual Meeting will take place in Boston, US, between 5th and 9th April, 2017, and the CARISCC session is scheduled for Sunday, 9th April, 8:00-9:40am in Hampton A, Sheraton, Third Floor.

The paper session is entitled Caribbean in/securities and creativity: Negotiating between security and insecurity in and through creative practice (session number 5155) and additional session details are presented below.

Session Description

The Caribbean region is a crucible for everyday negotiations between security and insecurity (in/security), as well as for a wide range of creative practice.  Whether understood through the frames of vulnerability and resilience (Grove and Adey, 2015); abandonment and endurance (Pratt 2005); or precarity and social reproduction (Mullings 2009) a number of scholars have pointed to the durability of social and creative practices that Caribbean people routinely deploy in the face of what Norman Girvan has describe as the existential threats to the region. While questions of Caribbean security and insecurity are popularly posed as matters of concern to governments or the military, this session will explore how security and insecurity operate in different registers and at different scales. Exploring the connections between precariousness and creativity, this session aims to bring a fresh focus to the study of global security by inviting papers that explore links between security and insecurity as negotiated by ordinary people in the Caribbean through a range of everyday creative and cultural practices that Simone (2004) has described as a form of  infrastructure supportive of urban  life. Examining conversations, music and dance performance, politicised struggles, and written and visual arts (Noxolo and Featherstone 2014), this session welcomes papers that explore how in/security informs Caribbean creative practice.

Development Geographies Specialty Group
Latin America Specialty Group


Beverley Mullings – Queen’s University
Patricia Noxolo – School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Patricia Noxolo – School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

8:00 AM   Author(s): *Adelle Thomas – College of The Bahamas
Abstract Title: Food Insecurity and Agro-Tourism: Creative Approaches in The Bahamas

8:17 AM   Author(s): *Kevon Rhiney, Ph.D – Rutgers University
Abstract Title: Assessing the Potential Impacts of Projected Climate-induced Stresses on the Cocoa and Tomato Subsectors in Jamaica

8:34 AM   Author(s): *Yasa N. Belmar – University of Queensland
Abstract Title: “I’m just doing all that to survive. We all do it really!” – The role of emergent cosmopolitan professionals in the coproduction of water in/security and meta-modern statehood in St. Lucia.

8:51 AM   Author(s): *Anna Versluis – Gustavus Adolphus College
Abstract Title: The Counter-Plantation: Haiti’s On-going Struggle for (Food) Sovereignty

9:08 AM   Author(s): *aeisha Aeisha noel – Queen’s University
Abstract Title: A place for play