Dear colleagues,

We have organised three sessions at the American Association of Geographers (AAG) conference, 5th to 9th April, in Boston, called

Spatializing Race: Critical Articulations across Borders, Territories, and Scales

If you’re going to the AAG, we’d love you to join us – all three sessions take place on Saturday 8th.   The three sessions are as follows:

Session one: Understanding the resilience of ‘race’ and racial imaginaries across space and time

Session two: Dismantling structures and stretching intellectual exchanges

Session three: Building a sustainable space of intellectual exchange: A Journal Conversation

The third session is a conversation about establishing a new geography journal on race and space, and about other ways we might keep the conversation going.  If you’re not going to the AAG but want to be part of that conversation, we want you to be part of it too.  So, please do email any or all of us:

– with any suggestions or reflections that you would like to feed into the sessions;

– to let us know that you want to take part in any developments towards the journal or other conversations after the AAG;

– to express your support and solidarity.

Please feel free to share this email as appropriate.

All the best,
Pat Noxolo, Rupal Oza and Beverley Mullings