GUYANA SPEAKS! The Classic, Tooting Road, London.

March 26 2017 – GUYANA SPEAKS! Tracing your Guyanese Heritage

A guide on how to trace your family roots, where to look and what clues to look out for.

Presenter 1

Rod Westmaas (Co-founder of Guyana Speaks) is a Guyanese of Dutch descent who has painstakingly traced his ancestry back to 1822 in the Netherlands.

He will recount his discoveries and share his most interesting journey.

Presenter 2

Yane Amos (nephew of Baroness Valerie Amos) is a history teacher at the City Heights Academy in London. He will speak of the research he has undertaken to about his family taking them from the island of Wakenaam in the Essequibo to London.

Presenter 3

Paul Crooks has been hailed as the heir to Alex Haley’s roots. Author of the book, A Tree Without Roots, it is viewed as a guide for Brits interested in discovering ancestral links with the Caribbean. He will provide generic guidelines in order to uncover and record your family’s history.


March 26 2017 – GUYANA SPEAKS! Tracing your Guyanese Heritage.

A guide on how to trace your family roots, where to look and what clues to look out for.

April 30 2017 – GUYANA SPEAKS! Pioneers of Guyanese Drama and Literature.

Michael Abbensetts and Edgar Mittelhölzer are two Guyanese that made a huge impact in their respective professions. We explore their important contributions.

May 28 2017 – GUYANA SPEAKS! Discovering Guyana’s Rich Interior.

From the Potaro to the mighty Essequibo we look at the lands so few Guyanese have seen.

June 25 2017 – GUYANA SPEAKS! Guyanese Crickets Legends.

Cricket has been the one sport that has unified our nation. Here we look at Guyanese cricketers that have made an indelible mark on the Guyana and the world of cricket.

July 30 2017 – GUYANA SPEAKS! Filmmaking in Guyana.

Huge advancements have been made in filmmaking. Several award winning short films, documentary, comedy and romance, will be shown.

September 3 2017 – GUYANA SPEAKS! Georgetown’s Architecture and History.

A close look at Georgetown, which is a tapestry of many historically significant buildings. Influences from Guyana’s diverse diaspora reflect what exists today. Some buildings have been lost to fire, neglect or simply demolition to make way for ‘progress’.

September 24 2017 – GUYANA SPEAKS! West African Connections.

Enslaved Africans, to a greater extent, built Guyana. Not only were they forced to work on the sugar plantations, the many canals to provide drainage and to convey the sugar cane, were dug by them. The African traditions run far and deep, however the influences of West Africa, which are more pronounced, will be examined in depth.

October 29 2017 – GUYANA SPEAKS! The Indian Arrival.

The British solution to fill the labour gap after the emancipation of slavery, was to bring Indians to Guyana from the Indian continent. Their arrival in Guyana and treatment thereafter will be discussed. In addition the traditions and customs, now part of Guyana, highlighted.

November 26 2017 – GUYANA SPEAKS! What will oil do to Guyana?

The discovery of fossil fuel in Guyana has be a huge boost to the country’s morale. To no longer be dependant on foreign oil imports is significant development. Oil, however, has both a negative and positive side as other nations have experienced. An insightful presentation will reveal what may be in short for Guyana.

December 11 2017 – GUYANA SPEAKS! Christmas Brunch and Charity Bazaar.

A sumptuous Guyansee Brunch Buffet, featuring all of the Guyanese favourites, will be had, along with a few Guyanese traditional surprises. A deserved Guyanese charity will be the recipient of the proceeds from a Christmas Bazaar to be held in conjunction with the Brunch.