Afroeuropeans: Black Cultures and Identities in Europe, Sixth biennial network conference

University of Tampere, Finland, 6 – 8 July 2017

At the sixth biennial Afropeans conference, our panel seeks to bring scholars together to discuss how to teach Black European History. The subject of History is still conventionally taught across Europe as the story of “nations,” often portrayed as more or less stable and homogenous. Although they may differ culturally, European nations in the history classroom share an implicit assumption of whiteness. By erasing the instability, contestation, and diversity at the heart of nations, this model allows students generally to swallow a whole host of myths that marginalize black and minority experiences and can alienate black and minority students.

But there is considerable research that challenges this model and the assumptions on which it is based. How do we ensure that our teaching reflects the complexity of our societies, past and present? Conversely, how can changes in our teaching inform how we research?

We invite presenters to explore how we can use black histories to challenge the monochromatic versions of national histories taught across Europe. How do we move beyond tokenism, using stories from the African diaspora to teach conventional narratives while at the same time troubling the conventional assumptions underpinning them? How do we approach the specificity of black European experiences and how these have changed over time? What are the practical challenges involved in updating curricula and teaching practice, and how can they be overcome?

Relevant topics may include:

  • Teaching Black Biographies
  • Constructing Narratives in European History
  • Sound, Text, and Image: Locating Resources for the Classroom
  • Digital Technologies in the Classroom
  • From Knowledge to Action: Connecting the Classroom to the Community
  • The Politics of Curriculum Design
  • Teaching While Black: The Politics of Representation

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